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Traditional Chinese Medicine herbalist visits Southern USA

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until 2007

Well friends, it looks like the economics just isn't lining up with this trip being a good idea for me at this time. So, I'm going to have to postpone it until 2007 at the earliest. I'm going to leave this page here, because I believe that this trip is an excellent idea and it truly does inspire me.

I look forward to getting down to the south as soon as this is a viable idea. Until then, let's keep working together through the opportunities available on this website. I will however leave some of the remaining information on this page available to read. I do believe in the good people of the south, I do believe that the need for a TCM herbalist visiting small and medium sized towns makes a lot of sense and I do look forward to actually pulling this off, but with gas prices and other economic realities sobering up my enthusiasm, I'm just going to have to wait a little while longer before I get from where I am to where you are.

In the event that your organization, medical practice, church or whatever would like to pool some resources to make a trip possible, I remain open to how things may unfold. For this reason, I will leave the rest of this page, and all of its explainations available to read. I am still interested in hearing from you and where you are. I'll add you to this page and we'll hope that someday this trip will be a reality.

I've been providing internet visitors to beyondwellbeing.com with herbal formulas for years. After all this time a pattern has emerged. I have more internet clients in the south (from Texas to the Carolinas) than in the rest of the world put together.

I believe that one reason that The South has sought out what I do is because of the relative lack of traditional Chinese medicine herbalists locally.



Selling pre-made formulas online is a nice introduction to herbal medicines. Many times the pre-made formulas do exactly what they're said to do. They're also a bit cheaper than custom made formulas and so they serve as a safe introduction to the benefits of traditional Chinese herbal medicine.

However, the masters of TCM herbalism from whom I have learned this ancient art would never prescribe anybody with an herbal formula without seeing them in person. While I support this assumption that the formula written after a face to face interaction is the best way to go, being in a small or medium size town in the South may prevent you from ever having this opportunity.

With this in mind, I am planning on four trips per year on a trip in 2007 to the states of Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, the Florida panhandle, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky. These states seem to have an affinity for what I do and so I'd like to visit these areas to provide a higher level of Chinese herbal medicine.

28 Pulses
25 Tongues
One Personalized
Herbal Formula

What would I do that I can't do over the internet? Well, at beyondwellbeing.com we do have a tongue diagnosis form that you can fill out so I can see your tongue. Some people send me digital pictures of their tongue and this too provides a certain amount of diagnostic information, but seeing you in person is a big difference. One reason is that when in person, I can take your pulse. This is an ancient Chinese technique that goes far beyond what your doctor might do during a physical.

When a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine takes your pulse, they're feeling the pulse at three different depths, their feeling the pulse at three different locations, and finally we're feeling for any number of 28 different pulse qualities that are described with such terms as fast-slow, floating-sunken, slippery-wiry, thin-wide, long-short, regular-irregular, choppy and a few other terms. The more time that I can spend with pulse, the better a formula can be put together to perfectly address your particular pattern of disharmony.

My mentor calls this the "lock and key" approach. You pay very careful attention to the tongue and the pulse and put together an herbal formula that perfectly addresses the underlying cause as well as any superficial symptoms of whatever it is that you want to have addressed.

Coming to:
S. Carolina
N. Carolina

It looks like I've got some interest in a few cities so far and I'm in the process of firming up dates and remain interested in where you are. If you live in or near one of the following cities, let me know where you are and I'll begin to see where the greatest interest is and schedule the "Traveling Chinese Medicine Show" accordingly.

Right now, I've received requests from the following cities.
Arlington, Texas
Houston, Texas
Algood, Tennessee
Knoxville, Tennessee
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Southern West Virginia
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Jackson, Mississippi
Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Columbus Mississippi
Gravette, Arkansas
Charleston, South Carolina
Jacksonville, Florida
Palatka, Florida
Pensacola Florida
Atlanta, Georgia

Stay tuned, or logged in, whatever the internet analogy is for "ya'll come back now, ya hear?"

If you'd like to see me show up in your town, or if you live in one of the towns listed above, let me know you're out there. Contact me and we'll eventually get this ball rolling.

Thank you,

-al stone, MTOM (Masters of Traditional Oriental Medicine) DAOM (Candidate Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine)

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