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Welcome to the Beyond Well Being tongue diagnosis exercise.

This exercise is a very superficial introduction to what a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine is thinking when they look at your tongue. It will also provide you some clues as to the nature and perhaps the location of your particular health issues as well.

This is only an exercise, this is not a real diagnosis. For a real diagnosis, see an appropriately licensed practitioner in your area or contact Beyond Well Being for more information.



Other traditional Chinese medicine diagnostic resources:
These two links assume a basic understanding of TCM theories such as the functions of the organs from the TCM perspective which can be somewhat different from the Western understanding of these organ names.

TCM Diagnosis Study Guide published by Eastland Press.

TCM Diagnosis Class Exam Notes
this goes into all four of the key diagnostic exams of traditional Chinese medicine.
These were notes that I distributed for my TCM Diagnosis students.